Pre Purchase Examination

Carpal Palpation back copy.jpgNo matter the asking price of your next prospect, a pre-purchase examination is a critically important part of the purchase process.  By the time you bring your horse to a veterinarian for examination, you already want him/her and hope that they will “pass” the pre-purchase examination.  It is important that you understand that the pre-purchase examination is not a “pass/fail” process.  While no horse is perfect, the purchase of a horse with an undetected abnormality or disorder can lead to years of frustration and disenchantment.  Most simply, the pre-purchase examination is a screening process, a “snapshot” in time that is used to identify conditions that may compromise the ability of your new horse to meet your expectations.

The veterinarians at the New Jersey Equine Clinic treat each horse as an individual and the examination is customized to fit your needs and concerns.  A thorough history will be recorded and you will be asked to share any concerns that you may have in the process of evaluation prior to presentation for examination.  The examination will begin with a thorough physical examination and the findings of that examination will be discussed with you prior to performing any imaging studies or other diagnostic tests as may be required to fully evaluate your potential purchase.  Throughout the examination, an effort is always made to document abnormalities with as little expense to you as possible.  Once the examination is complete, the findings will be reviewed with you and ample opportunity will be provided for extensive discussion.  A complete written report will be provided along with copies of all imaging studies and laboratory tests.  Our veterinarians are familiar and experienced with all disciplines of performance and show horses and will guide you through the purchase process.  We will take whatever time necessary to address your concerns.