Laser Surgery

Surgery with lasers was first introduced in human medicine in 1960 with equine surgeons adopting this technology in the 1980’s.  Dr. Palmer was one of the early pioneers of the use of lasers for surgery in the horse, publishing numerous articles and book chapters on the subject over the years.  Each class of surgical laser has a unique wavelength with specific applications in medicine.  The New Jersey Equine Clinic offer a multiple-wavelength laser service.  Our surgeons routinely employ the diode laser with an endoscopic fiber optic delivery system to perform surgery of the upper airway in horses.  Correction of epiglottal entrapment, removal of arytenoid granulomas and thermoplastic cautery of the soft palate are common examples of this type of surgery.  The carbon dioxide laser is used in open general surgical procedures to decrease hemorrhage, kill bacteria and destroy tumor cells with minimal damage to adjacent normal tissues.